Episode 3: The Future

On the final episode of the season, coastal policy expert Elizabeth Armistead Andrews teaches us how climate change and development are altering the Chesapeake Bay area - including the Pamunkey Tribe’s Reservation lands. Ashley Spivey shares her hope for the future of the Tribe.



  • We incorrectly stated that VCPC is working with the Pamunkey Tribe on installing the living shoreline, when in fact it is VIMS (Virginia Institute for Marine Science). VCPC provided policy analysis and some recommendations concerning various issues in reference to their shoreline, but VIMS designed and implemented the living shoreline project. 
  • We state Dominion Energy, due to the Surry Skiffe powerline project, was required to “compensate” the Tribe $4.5 million. The money was not compensation, but rather, these funds were the result of mitigation negotiations under the National Historic Preservation Act's Section 106 consultation process that Dominion Energy was legally required to undertake with the Tribes and other consulting parties due to the negative impact of a significant cultural/historic resource, in this case, the landscape and viewshed of the James River.
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